AVIVA is the world's fifth-largest insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in theUK. They are the leading provider of life and pension products in Europe and are actively growing their long-term savings businesses in Asian markets,Australia and theUSA.

 Project details: UK Wide 8 year Sole corporate agreement for all Office Interiors.

24 Ltd tendered and won again repeat  4 year sole agreement tender in 2008 for design, planning and implementing office interiors for the Aviva Group UK wide including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland.

Undershaft London


The latest project we have completed in March 2010 was the design and workplace planning of 22 floors at Aviva Undershaft in the city of London.

Each floor has 160 workstations including meeting rooms and huddle/Café space.

The clients brief was to take a 1970’s space with a large workstation footprint and large amount of individual offices and go to an open plan environment to encourage their new way of working.

24 worked along side the Aviva facilities team to create a design plan and allow greater floor space take up for head count but giving more space back for meeting and café areas etc.

Each floor has a 25% increase in head count from the older footprint but gives an open fresh feeling for the worker with the use of colour and shared desking layouts.

Each floor has a different layout dependant on the clients needs as Aviva has 20 different business units in the building so requires the correct planning and feel to allow the units to operate as they requite and need.

24 carried out a series of planning and workshop process to achieve a basic design layout for each floor which in turn could be modified to suit the teams’ request. This also incorporated a simple and cost effect re stacking option due to the clients ever changing teams and projects.

We spent a period with Aviva assessing all furniture products ensuring we supplied a long term product for supply continuity and flexibility in movement.

All products have beenUKsourced and have a 10 year agreement for supply and support allowing the client to plan and install over a matter of years with easy sense of supply and care.

All existing product has been taken away from the clients store and site and fully recycled with the new desking supplier in theUK.

This factor allows 24 to uphold the Aviva CSR policy which was a key factor in the tendering process and gives an easy ordering and installation pattern for the client.

24 have a local warehouse based on the M25 at which local stock is held for any quick request planning or desk changes for the existing floors again given maximum support when urgent request are required for team and floor changes .

All meeting rooms have been fitted with power and data supply Inc frame work from the tables that can be changed to the main open plan desk allowing cost savings on components and storage savings.

To date 24 have supplied 30 offices for Aviva with 8 new locations planned for this year which will include workplace planning and design briefings. 

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